Sunday, 15 December 2013

PEI - Fall Tour

My next trip was to beautiful Prince Edward Island.  I was lucky enough to be able to cross the Confederation Bridge!  That is definitely something everyone should do once in their lives, especially with the GPS on and it makes you look like you are driving across the water - ha!  Okay, maybe I was more excited about this extremely long bridge than the average person?

After crossing into PEI I started in the town of Summerside, took some pictures and walked the boardwalk along the coast.  It was again, great weather for the fall and I was loving the atmosphere all together.  The dirt in PEI is actually red, yes the stories are true.  I have some pictures of this to prove it.
I then drove to Charlottetown where I stayed the remainder of my trip, such a lovely city.  I would live in this province if I didn't have to deal with their treacherous winters.

This province I have marked on my list as "must return in the summer".  PEI has a lot of tourist attractions for warm weather!  Renting a small cottage on the coast and attending one of their local seafood festivals sounds right up my alley.  They also have bike rental locations all over this small province, this is a must as well.


Summerside, PEI

Summerside, PEI - one of the many lighthouses along the province shorelines

Love the colours, more tourisrm area's that would be open during warmer seasons

Charlottetown Harbor, PEI

Apparently the best ice cream in Canada - it was pretty darn good!

Local art located in a park in Charlottetown

More gorgeous historical buildings in Charlottetown's downtown core

Country scenery, such a beautiful province

Love this little cottage!  Located in Victoria, PEI - gem of a town

Confederation Bridge, PEI looking toward NB.  Proof of the red dirt!

New Brunswick - Fall Tour

This past fall I visited New Brunswick and PEI (the PEI post will come later!) and I thought I would share a few pictures from my trip.  I drove from Moncton to Fredericton, all the way up to Bathurst and back down to Moncton again.  Quite the province-wide drive if you ask me!

The weather was beautiful while I was there, cool but sunny and perfect for the fall colours.  You will see a few pictures of the trees and scenery throughout.  One really neat feature New Brunswick has to offer is their tourism areas.  When you are driving on a scenic road there are signs to tell you which area of the province you are in. Each area has different highlights such as festivals, food, lobster (yum), and many other New Brunswick tourist attractions.

The locals area friendly and the seafood is fresh!  Great trip all in all.

Miramichi New Brunswick
Great historic architecture in Fredericton, NB
Fredericton's Historic Garrison District
Fredericton Views
Miramichi, NB

New Brunswick coastal fall foliage
More red lined forests

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Downtown Guelph's Street Art Festival

What a beautiful day in Downtown Guelph!  Previously known as Guelph's "Graffiti Fest", the newly named Street Art Festival was a hit.  Some amazing artists gathered on Cork Street and showed off their skills.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Tobermory, ON

I was on vacation this summer and decided to take a trip up to beautiful Tobermory, Ontario.  If you haven't been, its definitely worth the trip.
With their gorgeous walking/hiking/biking trails and the infamous grotto it is a gem in the heart of Ontario.  I am lucky to have a cottage 45 mins away from this place. 
My mom and I grabbed a bite to eat in the downtown hub and then took some scenic hikes through the area.  This lighthouse was absolutely gorgeous.  The water is quite chilly but we bared the cold for the refreshing dip.

Beautiful clear Tobermory water

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Fall is upon us...

Wow, I had such a crazy busy summer this year I can't even begin to know where time went?  One of my colleagues said to me the other day "have you seen my July, I seemed to have missed mine?"! HA!  I say 'the other day' when really he mentioned that at the beginning of August. Ugh.

Recap on the summer, beautiful weather, attended some great events and got a ton of sun!  I am fairly proud of my tan this year.  I spent a week vacation at my cottage and soaked up the rays along with some much needed R & R.

But now... back to the grind!  Well in my case not so much, I actually begin my heavy travel schedule at work.  I guess I should say 'back to the airport!' :)

View from my cottage

Monday, 29 July 2013

Guelph's Hillside Festival Celebrates 30th Anniversary!

Guelph's Hillside Festival celebrated it's 30th anniversary last weekend!  I could only attend Friday night but I had such a great time.  Listened to a few new bands I've never heard of but was extremely happy to hear from (Metz, Kopecky Family Band), as well as some bands I've wanted to see for a while (Said the Whale)!  So many great bands on the Saturday and Sunday line-ups I was super bummed to miss them.
The festival also has many local vendors that show up to sell their creative work, I purchased a custom stamped necklace with my initials on it from Fierce Deer out of Toronto.  

Can't wait for Hillside 2014 - I might even camp out next year!

Hillside Festival - 30 years
Hillside Entrance
Necklace from Fierce Deer Jewellery

Parking lot for hundreds of bikes :)

Drum session

Kopecky Family Band

Local Food Vendors came to the event!

Main stage at night

See you next year Hillside - xo